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Looking for something to do with your dog in Erie, PA? I’ve compiled a list of 5 different things that you and your dog will enjoy. The best part is that most of them are free! Aside from the fact that pretty much all of our furry friends LOVE exploring somewhere new, you will most likely enjoy these activities too!

Walk Your Dog Around Erie’s Bayfront and Dobbin’s Landing

The Bayfront has many a smell for a dog and also has cool spots for photo ops. While it’s the perfect spot to walk around in the daytime, I wouldn’t recommend walking around the entire bayfront at night because it gets very dark. The Bicentennial Tower at Dobbin’s Landing is a unique spot for a picture at night, though!

Erie's Bayfront and the Bicentennial Tower are great places to take your dog to in Erie
The Bicentennial Tower at Dobbin’s Landing seen from the Bayfront, my dog Oreo guarding the tower, and another shot from the Bayfront

Address: Dobbin’s Landing
1 Dobbins Ln
Erie, PA 16501

Sniff Around the Nature Play Space Behind Tom Ridge Environmental Center

The Nature Play Space behind Tom Ridge Environmental Center (TREC) is a fun place for a dog to explore. While you cannot bring your dog into the actual TREC building (unless your pet is a service animal), your dog will still have a great time in this area. It seems to a bit of a hidden gem because it’s never been busy when I’ve been at TREC! Keep in mind that this spot is technically geared towards kids to play at, but the beauty of this space is that it can double as a dog agility course when it’s not busy.

The Nature Place Space behind TREC
Oreo enjoying the Nature Place Space behind TREC

Address: Tom Ridge Environmental Center
301 Peninsula Drive
Erie, PA 16505

Have a Photoshoot at Tipsy Bean

Tipsy Bean is an amazing cafe with delicious coffee, tea, sweets, and other food and merch for sale. Something that makes it even sweeter is the mural painted right by the entrance. This past Christmas, Tipsy Bean had an event where they allowed your pet inside to meet Santa! Mark that on your calendar for this year.

Tipsy Bean is a great Instragrammable spot and is a cute photo op spot to take your dog to in Erie
Cupcakes, coffee, and sprinkles oh my!

Address: Tipsy Bean
2425 Peach St
Erie, PA 16502

Explore Different Erie Parks with your Dog in Erie

Bonus: Try to Find as Many Frog and Fish Statues as You Can

Did you know that there are over a few hundred different frog and fish statues all around Erie? I don’t know about you, but I love finding a new one I’ve never seen before! Additionally, my dog is not picky about parks to walk around at, but you might be! Some clean parks with nice trails to go to are:

  • Asbury Woods. Address: 4105 Asbury Rd, Erie, PA 16506
  • Bayview Park. Address: W 2nd St, Erie, PA 16507 (the Erie sign is close by the playground/basketball court)
  • Frontier Park. Address: 1501 W 6th St, Erie, PA 16505
  • Presque Isle. Address: 301 Peninsula Dr Ste 1, Erie, PA 16505
  • Scott Park. Address: W 6th Street, Lowell Ave, Erie, PA
  • Veteran’s Park. Address: 3749 Zimmerly Rd, Erie, PA 16506 (it’s the smallest of these parks but it has a fish statue)
Oreo at Scott Park, sporting a custom bandana from Charmain’s Custom Creations
Frontier Park, Veteran's Park, and the Erie sign at Bayview Park are great places to take your dog to in Erie
A bridge at Frontier Park, Oreo sniffing a fish at Veteran’s Park, and the Erie sign at Bayview Park

Get Your Dog a Delicious Treat

What dog doesn’t love treats? Other than getting them at a store like Petsmart or Pet Supplies Plus, why not try out the following places:

  • There are free pup cups available at Brick House Coffee! They come with whipped cream and a treat. Grab one while going through the drive-through or when you’re enjoying the dog friendly patio during warm weather.
  • Starbucks offers a free pup cup for your pooch if you ask for one! My dog loves the cup of whipped cream. I like to order one in the drive-through so my dog can enjoy it right away. (Only service animals are allowed in Starbucks).
  • Occasionally the bakery Icing on the Lake has pupcakes for sale (cupcakes for dogs) that you can bring home for your dog to devour.
Brick House Coffee pup cup in Erie, PA
Oreo highly recommends Brick House Coffee!
Starbucks offers free pup cups for your dog
Oreo about to enjoy a free pup cup from Starbucks

Comment below your favorite spot you take your dog to in Erie!

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