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Arthur Reed once famously said “having fun isn’t hard when you’ve got a library card.” This is very true! And what better place to use your library card then at one of the Erie County Public libraries? The Blasco Memorial Library is a wonderful library located in Erie, PA. The full name is Raymond M Blasco MD Memorial Library which was named after a generous doctor.

Images from the Blasco Memorial Library

Need a Library Card?

Did you know that it’s super easy to get a library card if you don’t have one yet? Just stop by the front desk and you will have your very own library card in less than 10 minutes! Additionally, you can start checking out items that day. Or, if you are unable to stop by the library, you can get an e-card (although you won’t have all of the nifty features of a traditional card). Check out everything you’ve ever wanted to know about library cards plus more here:

1. Borrow Books, Audiobooks, DVDs, and More

The first and most obvious reason to check out this library is to find a great read. Or if you’d rather listen to a book or if you have a long commute, an audiobook would be a great way to “read” while driving! Additionally, there are a lot of great CDs and DVDs to check out here. If you haven’t seen That Thing You Do!, it’s a great movie and takes place right in Erie, PA.

2. Attend New Events

The second reason to visit, well, any Erie County library is for all of the events offered! The Blasco Memorial Library often has tons of events. Most of the time these activities are free but sometimes they require a small fee. The events are always changing and new events are always happening. For that reason, check out a calendar of upcoming library events here. You can also filter by specific library.

3. More Than Just Books

Often the word “library” brings to mind a ton of books. However, there is way more than just books at the Blasco Memorial Library. There are a multitude of free resources available. Some of these include public computers, study areas, and a designated teen center. Read on to find out even more things offered!

Images from the Blasco Memorial Library

Borrow Maker Kits

Have you ever thought of getting into a hobby but there was too much equipment to purchase to get into it? Well, the library solves this problem by offering various kits to check out. There are so many options but some include jewelry making, printmaking, and podcasting. Visit this link for more info:

Make Cool Things With a 3D Printer

Do you think 3D printers are cool but don’t own one? Submit your design to the library 3D printer for production. Then, pick it up a few weeks later! More details are available here:

Find Out Information about your Local Ancestors

The Heritage Room offers materials to help you if you are searching for ancestors that lived in Erie or nearby. Resources include microfilm of Erie newspapers, family histories, an obituary index, computer databases, as well as Erie County censuses. Equipment you can use in this room for free include a scanner as well as a VHS to DVD converter, although you must purchase or bring your own blank DVD. This link has all the details:

View Erie Exhibits

Around the library are some very interesting and informative local exhibits. You will find such things as an Erie 9/11 Memorial, other historical displays, tall ship models (shout-out to the Brig Niagra), and an exhibit featuring various cultural clothing.

Images from the Blasco Memorial Library

Access the Library Anywhere at Any Time

Often times, it may be more convenient to utilize resources from somewhere other than the library. Did you know that you can download books and audio books for free with the Libby app? I personally get a lot of use out of that one. Check out the app on your Smart Phone! Hoopla is another great free resource that also includes movies, music, TV shows, etc. Another virtual option is to sign up for a reading challenge and earn virtual badges.


Address: Blasco Memorial Library
160 East Front St.
Erie, PA 16507

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