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Bar Ronin is one of Erie, PA’s trendiest and best new restaurants that just opened in October 2021. Their food menu is described as contemporary izakaya. Did you know that “izakaya” in Japanese means a casual drinking establishment? Are you also wondering what ronin means? Ronin is a Japanese word that means a masterless warrior who is free to make their own life. (Or, if you’ve been watching Hawkeye on Disney+, Ronin is also the name of Clint Barton’s masked vigilante identity!)

A view of Bar Ronin's interior

Eating at Bar Ronin

Delicious scents were always wafting out from Bar Ronin whenever I was at the West Erie Plaza. My mouth was literally watering from how amazing everything smelled. I wish I could somehow capture it and put it into this blog post! That along with great reviews made me try it out right away. Bar Ronin has a fun and elevated atmosphere which makes it a perfect spot for a date night or a fun night out with friends. Reservations are highly recommended before going!

Bar Ronin Erie, PA interior and exterior photos

When I dined here in December 2021, I tried the ramen noodles made vegetarian and shishito peppers (both pictured below). I was super impressed on how mouthwatering both dishes were.

Vegetarian ramen noodles and shishito peppers from Bar Ronin Erie, PA

If you plan to get an adult beverage, just know that the cocktails are delicious but also served strong! Pictured below are Dreams of a Geisha and Empress Rickey which make a perfect Instagram picture (side note: check out the ladies’ bathroom for a cool sign that makes an awesome selfie!).

Dreams of a Geisha and Empress Rickey drinks from Bar Ronin Erie, PA

My whole experience at Bar Ronin was wonderful; the food was so flavorful and the atmosphere was hip and fun. There isn’t another restaurant or bar in Erie like this one! Check their website for details, but as of December 2021, Bar Ronin opens at 5:00pm each night and is closed Sunday and Monday.

Bar Ronin’s Entire Food Menu

View Bar Ronin’s menu here: I have also provided it below.

DF: Dairy free
GF: Gluten free
VE: Vegan
V: Vegetarian


  • Thick Cut Pepperoni & Chorizo Fried Buns wasabi ranch + garlic furikake 9
  • Fried Chicken Karaage tonnato aioli, togarashi, lime 8.5 DF
  • Shallot Pancakes ‘Cheesy Bread’ + ginger scallion oil 7
  • Shishito Peppers with yuzu, togarashi seven spice 8 GF / DF / VE
  • Sunomono pickled persian cucumber with crispy shallot, herbs 7.5 DF / VE
  • Spicy Onion Dip with mirin & sea salt potato chips, vegetable crudités 11 V
  • Shrimp + Scallop Gyoza a5 wagyu fat xo + chili crunch 13 DF
  • Seared A5 Miyazaki-Gyu Japanese Wagyu: on a hot stone with three dipping sauces: spicy, scallion-wasabi, mustard ponzu 2oz 24 / 4oz 48 / 6oz 72 DF


  • Tuna Guac : mashed avocado, sea salt, wasabi oil + grilled tortillas 16 DF
  • Whitefish Sashimi with tahini sesame dressing, cucumber, spicy oil 13 GF / DF
  • ‘Fish & Chips’ sole ceviche on crispy fried potato + caviar 9 DF
  • Wild Salmon Tataki with ponzu, fresh ginger, wasabi 13 DF


  • Steak On A Plate with smokey soy sauce
  • Crispy Shortrib with XO sauce, snow peas + cashews 32 DF
  • Duck Confit with french green beans / crispy duck skin, yuzu teriyaki 29 DF
  • Char Sui Cod with pickled ginger + pea tendrils 28 GF / DF
  • Lucy Burger ½ lb. shortrib burger with double smoked cheddar, caramelized onion & lucy sauce 13


  • Smoked Briskey Ramen with fresh ginger kimchi, umami dama bomb, soft cooked egg, scallion 24 DF
  • Prawn Bucatini with pistachio, chili, garlic, kombu butter, shaved cheese 28
  • Garlic Buttered Fried Chicken Ramen with mâyu black garlic, roasted tomato, shio broth, soft cooked egg 22
  • Kombu & Caramelized XO Noodles with kombu butter, black pepper, chives & xo sauce 14
  • Stir Fried Iceberg with snow peas + smokey soy 9 DF
  • Roasted White Japanese Sweet Potato with buttery miso cream 6.5 GF / V
  • Chicken Salt Pomme Frites with dipping sauces 4.5 DF
  • Romaine with yuzu vinaigrette, fresco, smoked cashew, crispy shallot, herbs small 8 big 14 V


  • Flourless Chocolate Tart with dark chocolate ganache 8 GF / V
  • Matcha Cream Puffs with green tea pastry cream, green tea sugar 6 V
  • Miso Caramel Chocolate Cupcake with sesame crunch 4 V
  • Ice Cream Sandwich with Straw Hat Penn State Creamery ice cream, fresh baked Icing on the Lake cookies 6 V

Summarized Vegetarian Options

Vegetarian options along with shishito peppers and ramen noodles made to order vegetarian, are:

  • Sunomono
  • Spicy Onion Dip
  • Stir Fried Iceberg
  • Romaine (a salad)
  • Roasted White Japanese Sweet Potato (this goes great with the Romaine!)
  • All of the desserts


Address: Bar Ronin
928 West Erie Plaza Dr
Erie, PA, 16505

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